***ENDORSEMENT*** State Senator Dan Laughlin Endorses Dave White for Governor

***ENDORSEMENT*** State Senator Dan Laughlin Endorses Dave White for Governor
December 7, 2021
Erie, Pa. – Blue-collar businessman and former Delaware County Councilman Dave White (R-Delaware) announced today that his campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania has received the endorsement of State Senator Dan Laughlin (R-Erie).
Dave White said: “I am honored to receive Senator Laughlin’s endorsement. Like me, Senator Laughlin is the son of proud veterans and he worked in the trades to build a future for his family. The blue-collar conservative values Senator Laughlin brings to Harrisburg each day distinguish him from Harrisburg’s career politicians, and it is why he overwhelmingly won re-election in a majority Democrat district. The people of northwest Pennsylvania respect Senator Laughlin’s commitment to their community and I am looking forward to working with him in the months to come to bring less talk and more action to Harrisburg.”
Sen. Laughlin said: “While I am disappointed that my efforts to gain traction and funding in my own race to become Governor have come up short, I feel fortunate that I have found a candidate that shares many of my life experiences and blue-collar attitude. Dave and I have discussed at great length our plans on how to move Pennsylvania forward and make it an economic powerhouse that will be able to attract businesses to our great Commonwealth. In discussing the specific needs of my district with Dave, he was surprised to learn that Governor Wolf has withheld the economic development tools we need to lift up the poorest zip code in America. He agrees that Erie immediately needs a City Revitalization Improvement Zone.” 
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