***ICYMI*** Dave White Earns Major Endorsement and Launches First Statewide Ad Campaign

December 8, 2021
Ridley Park, Pa. – On Tuesday, blue-collar businessman Dave White (R-Delaware) earned the endorsement of state Senator Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) and released his first television advertisement in his campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania.  “Less Talk, More Action” will air statewide across all markets in the Commonwealth, with the initial ad flight exceeding $500,000 and expanding in the weeks to follow.
State Senator Laughlin, who had previously explored a run for Governor himself, endorsed Dave White at a joint announcement at Team Hardinger Transportation in Erie.  As reported by outlets across northwest Pennsylvania:
State Sen. Dan Laughlin made it official Tuesday, announcing he will not be running for Pennsylvania Governor.
Instead, Laughlin said he is supporting Republican Dave White, who is a business owner from the Philadelphia area with a similar background.
White joined Sen. Laughlin for the announcement Tuesday inside Team Hardinger, a growing business which both say is what they would like to see more of in Pennsylvania.
White started and has grown a successful HVAC business in Delaware County. He says Pennsylvania needs to be more business friendly.
Senator Laughlin confirmed he will not be running for Pennsylvania Governor, but will be endorsing businessman Dave White.
White, from Eastern Pa., has never ran a statewide campaign. However, Laughlin says he plans to step in and help advance his efforts.
White says he hopes to use his experience as a businessman to create jobs across Pa. 
“We cannot keep electing the same people that have been elected year after year after year and expect different results. We need someone with a business background, someone that has not been elected to statewide office, someone that will take a new perspective to Harrisburg,” said Dave White, candidate for Pa. governor.
White also says with the support of Senator Laughlin he hopes to win over the people of Erie.
State Sen. Dan Laughlin announced his support for David White, former Delaware County Councilman and business owner, today. 
The announcement took place at Team Hardinger Transportation this morning. 
“While I am disappointed that my efforts to gain traction and funding in my own race to become Governor have come up short, I feel fortunate that I have found a candidate that shares many of my life experiences and blue-collar attitude,” said Laughlin.
“Dave and I have discussed at great length our plans on how to move Pennsylvania forward and make it an economic powerhouse that will be able to attract businesses to our great Commonwealth. In discussing the specific needs of my district with Dave, he was surprised to learn that Governor Wolf has withheld the economic development tools we need to lift up the poorest zip code in America. He agrees that Erie immediately needs a City Revitalization Improvement Zone,” continued Laughlin.
White’s ad, “Less Talk, More Action,” highlights Dave White’s blue-collar roots – a third-generation Steamfitter who, along with his wife, used their life savings to start their family business, growing it through hard work and innovation to now employ over 80 Pennsylvania families.  White’s rallying call to the voters of Pennsylvania is to bring less talk and more action to Harrisburg on issues ranging from public safety to election integrity and putting parents back in charge of their children’s education.  
“Less Talk, More Action” will air in every Pennsylvania media market and its initial flight will exceed $500,000, and growing in the weeks to come.  To view “Less Talk, More Action,” click here.
To learn more about Dave White and view his official campaign biography, click here.