***ICYMI*** “White Makes His Case” – DelCo Times

November 15, 2021
RIDLEY PARK, PA – Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Dave White (R-Ridley Park) “made his case” to Pennsylvania voters in a new op-ed in the Delaware County Times, highlighting his years of experience as a business owner, as a blue-collar worker before that, and as a county official in one of Pennsylvania’s largest counties.  White discusses his great optimism for the Commonwealth, as well as the challenges Pennsylvania faces after years of failed leadership under Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA).
By Dave White, Delaware County Times
Pennsylvania has a politician problem.
The people of Pennsylvania are some of the hardest-working and innovative on the planet and our commonwealth is blessed with some of the greatest natural resources anywhere in the world. But what have we gotten from the career politicians we’ve sent to Harrisburg and Washington?
Out of control inflation that has us paying more for everything from food to gas to clothing.
Higher taxes on everything from gas to income to property.
Schools that instead of teaching math and science teach kids that they are either a victim or an oppressor because of the color of their skin.
Rising rates of violent crime in our cities while “woke” politicians refuse to prosecute criminals.
It’s time to say enough is enough.
That’s why I’m running to be the next governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It’s time for a governor with real world experience who hasn’t spent his adult life depending on taxpayers for a paycheck. Someone who will look out for the men and women of this state instead of his own wallet. It’s time for less talk and more action.
I’m not a politician. My parents weren’t politicians. I was born and raised in Delaware County, one of 14 children. My father was a pipefitter, and my mother was a homemaker. I started my career as a pipefitter before founding my own small business, which has grown to employ 80 people today, and raising a family of my own with four great-children and three wonderful grandchildren. I have lived the American dream, and I am running for office to put that same dream back in the reach of any Pennsylvanian willing to work for it.
If I earn your vote and I’m elected governor, my top priorities for this state will be threefold: Working with the private sector to create good-paying jobs, fixing our broken education system, and giving our brave law enforcement officers the resources they need to get criminals off the streets.
Jobs should always be the top priority of every governor. But it takes someone who has been out in the real world building a business and working to know how to do that. My administration will start on day one making Pennsylvania a better place to live, work and do business. We’ll work to lower taxes and remove harmful regulations. But most of all, we’ll end the disastrous policies of the last nearly two years that have driven countless small businesses out of business while protecting the current governor’s cronies.
And make no mistake, I’ll say no to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate policies that threaten to force companies to fire their employees for choosing to not receive a shot. While I’m vaccinated, it is not the government’s place to mandate which medical treatments you and your family receive.
On schools, my philosophy is simple – parents should have final say on their children’s education. That means empowering parents to have say over our public schools’ curriculum. As governor, I will outlaw the teaching in our public schools of critical race theory my first day in office. It also means supporting school choice, so parents can decide which school is best suited to their children’s needs. I’ll make implementing a true school choice program a priority so that every child can get a great education, regardless of their zip code.
And when it comes to public safety, my emphasis will be on cleaning up the streets and giving our law enforcement officers the tools they need to fight crime and put criminals behind bars.
I’ve spent my whole life supporting our brave law enforcement officers, and that won’t change when I’m elected governor.
While socialist politicians like Philadelphia’s radical district attorney coddle criminals and refuse to prosecute crimes in the name of “social justice,” I’ll pursue real justice for the victims of the rising violent crime in our cities.
Pennsylvania is a state of endless potential. It’s time Harrisburg stopped working for career politicians and instead started working for the men and women of Pennsylvania.
And that’s exactly what I’ll do if you elect me governor.
To learn more about Dave White and view his official campaign biography, click here.