***NEW TV AD*** Brian’s Story

***NEW TV AD*** Brian’s Story
April 8, 2022
Ridley Park, Pa. – Blue-collar businessman and Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Dave White (R-Delaware) released his latest statewide television advertisement, “Brian,” that details the story of Dave White and his family, their love for their special needs son Brian, and how raising a special needs son will make him a better Governor for all Pennsylvanians.
Dave White: “Brian wasn’t developing like every other child.  He wasn’t rolling on the floor… wasn’t making eye contact. Brian was about nine months before we got the complete diagnosis.  He was born with microcephaly, cerebral palsy.  Brian doesn’t speak.  He’s doesn’t walk.  I was twenty-six years old.  I was probably making seven, eight, nine dollars an hour.  I don’t know if you prepare yourself, but when it happens that you’d be amazed the strength you have.  You can see Brian’s smile you’ll feel the presence of God.  He is just a great little boy that has made Debbie and I better people, better parents.  It’s a governor’s responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to speak for those who can’t speak and to stand for those that can’t walk.  Brian will make me a better governor.”
To view “Brian,” CLICK HERE.
As a special needs father, Dave White is uniquely aware of the challenges Pennsylvania’s special needs community faces each and every day.  That is why he is ready to help ease the burden these families face and support them as our Commonwealth’s next Chief Executive.  As Governor, Dave White will:
  • End the support services waiver waitlist
  • Provide a “top-to-bottom” support system review
  • Retain and reward strong providers and caregivers
  • Foster a full range of housing options for special needs families
  • Invest in innovation in areas like communication and mobility for those with special needs
  • Make Pennsylvania a national leader in career pathways for those with special needs.
To read Dave White’s plan to support Pennsylvania’s special needs families, CLICK HERE.