***PRESS RELEASE*** Dave White Calls For Special Prosecutor To Combat Violent Crime

February 14, 2022
Violent Crime Rises and Wolf, Shapiro, Krasner Do Nothing
Ridley Park, Pa. – Blue-collar businessman and Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Dave White (R-Delaware) today committed to introducing and passing legislation to further create and deliver authorities to a Special Prosecutor to address the wave of violent crime that has overtaken the City of Philadelphia.
Dave White said: “As our next Governor, one of my top priorities will be restoring public safety for all Pennsylvanians, including those in the City of Philadelphia. After all, how can we even begin to address the issues with our educational system, roads and bridges, jobs and the economy if you can’t walk down the street for fear of being shot?” 
“Despite having the authority to intervene, Attorney General Josh Shapiro has done nothing to help stem the rising tide of violent crime in Philadelphia. After he loses the General Election in November, I am confident he will be even less committed to combating the serious violent crime plaguing the city, if that is even possible. The current District Attorney Larry Krasner is a failure. Politicians put up motions to impeach that will never pass, leaders take action. I will address this problem head-on.”
“Working with the legislature, I will have legislation introduced and passed to create a Special Prosecutor. This prosecutor will be granted powers to combat violent crime in Philadelphia.”
“We need less talk and more action to secure our neighborhoods. Unlike some Harrisburg politicians who have gone on cable television to call for the deserved but unrealistic impeachment of Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner, or others who have thrown their hands up and said Krasner’s administration was simply doing what the people of Philadelphia wanted, a Special Prosecutor will actually help make strides to taking violent offenders off the street.”
Philadelphia recorded a record number of murders in 2021, and just one month into the new year is well on its way to an equally violent 2022. When violent crime in Philadelphia began to rise in 2019, Attorney General Josh Shapiro was given the authority by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to intervene, but he’s refused. Dave White refuses to sit on the sidelines and allow the Commonwealth’s largest city and the birthplace of American Democracy to be further victimized.
Since 2017, there has been an explosion of violent crime in Philadelphia. Over 2,000 murders, 14,000 assaults with firearms, 20,000 robberies, a thousand carjackings, and 10,000 shooting victims. Last year - 2021 – saw historic increases in all these crimes. Attorney General Josh Shapiro and District Attorney Larry Krasner had the resources and the duty to fight violent crime but simply talked and played politics while people suffered and died. This disaster was not just allowed to occur under the control of Democrats. U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain’s, who served from 2017-2021, only contribution to taking on crime appears to be plastering his face on taxpayer-funded billboards. 
As United States Attorney, McSwain not only presided over one of the nation’s largest offices, but he had also over 500 FBI and other federal agents, as well as hundreds of local law enforcement officers available to pursue investigations. Despite these massive resources and the clear need to address the massive surge in violent crime, he failed to stop or even assist in the soaring increases in violence while he was United States Attorney. 
Dave White for Governor Campaign Manager Bob Salera added, “If Bill McSwain wouldn’t act as U.S. Attorney with all of those resources, how can Pennsylvanians trust him to act any differently as governor. Like a career bureaucrat, McSwain’s answer to increased violent crime was to feature himself in a taxpayer-funded billboard.”