***PRESS RELEASE*** Dave White Wins The PAGOP NECRA Regional Straw Poll For Governor

January 22, 2022
Ridley Park, Pa. – Blue-collar businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave White (R-Delaware County) continued his strong performances in the PAGOP’s regional caucuses, winning the most first choice votes among the candidates in the NECRA straw poll.
Dave White said: “I am excited that our positive message of bringing less talk and more action to Harrisburg is resonating with voters across our Commonwealth.  Hard working Pennsylvania families deserve a fighter who will put their priorities first – lowering the tax and regulatory burden on Pennsylvania families and businesses, securing our elections, and putting parents back in charge of their children’s education.  As our momentum grows, I only grow more confident that we are ready to take on career politician Josh Shapiro and win a great victory for Pennsylvania families this November.”
Despite a field of more than a dozen candidates that includes a hometown Northeast politician who represented the region for nearly two decades, Dave White again exceeded all expectations and won the most first place votes in the NECRA straw poll.  This weekend’s results built upon the momentum White ignited last weekend with his victory in the Central Caucus straw poll – the largest caucus of the PAGOP.
Beyond the growing grassroots momentum for his campaign, White also announced this week that his campaign is well positioned financially to deliver his positive message to all Pennsylvania voters.  As of December 31st, White posted more than $3.35 million, with more than $2.5 million cash on hand.