***PRESS RELEASE*** Dave White Statement On Philadelphia’s Record-Setting Year of Homicides

November 28, 2021
Ridley Park, Pa. - Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Dave White (R-Delaware) released the following statement in response to the City of Philadelphia setting a record number of homicides during 2021 – surpassing the record of 500 murders set in 1990 and the 499 murders committed in 2020, despite having an entire month left in the calendar year.
Dave White said: “Over the past year, officials in Philadelphia have repeatedly condemned, castigated, and called for our brave law enforcement to be defunded and criminals to be coddled by a hapless District Attorney, and what we have seen as a result are horrifying spikes in violent crime – culminating with this weekend’s record-breaking murder.  The violent crime in our community is as tragic as it is avoidable, and it falls at the feet of our elected officials to secure our community.”
“District Attorney Krasner needs to explain how he rationalizes abandoning our law enforcement community at a time they need our support more than ever.  And Attorney General Shapiro needs to justify why he backed away from his legal authority to prosecute violent crime as homicides rates rose.  Philadelphia’s leaders could have helped stem this tide, but they didn’t, and now hundreds of our neighbors, friends, and family have had their lives forever altered.”
“My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the violence that has ravaged Philadelphia over the past two years, and it is my commitment to them – and to all Pennsylvanians – that as the Commonwealth’s next Governor we will prioritize public safety in our communities on day one,” concluded White.
In 2019, the Pennsylvania State Legislature overwhelmingly passed legislation to provide expanded authority for the Office of the Attorney General to have new powers to prosecute gun crimes in the City of Philadelphia.  However, Attorney General Josh Shapiro distanced himself from this legislation.  Since the passage of this legislation and Shapiro’s unwillingness to utilize these powers, Philadelphia’s murder rate has increased from 356 in 2019 to 499 in 2020, now surpassing a record of more than 500 in 2021 with more than a month left on the calendar year.
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