***VIDEO*** Dave White For Governor Releases Two New Statewide Television Ads

January 3, 2022
Ridley Park, Pa. – Blue-collar businessman and Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Dave White (R-Delaware) released two new television ads that will air across all media markets in the Commonwealth.  
With this ad buy, White will have invested more than $1 million in television advertisements since launching his ad campaign in early December, with his ad buys expanding in the weeks to come.
From Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s celebration of sanctuary cities to Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s refusal to acknowledge his city’s record murder rate, “Less Talk, More Solutions” shines a spotlight on the radical politicians whose failed liberal policies led to skyrocketing violent crime rates across Pennsylvania.  White contrasts these failures with his commonsense solutions to bring Pennsylvania’s violent crime epidemic under control by ending disastrous sanctuary city policies and investing in our communities’ police forces.
White’s second ad – “Gas Prices” – addresses the rising energy costs Pennsylvania consumers are paying, and lays blame squarely at the feet of Tom Wolf and Joe Biden’s anti-Pennsylvania energy policies.  White lays out his clear vision of expanding investment in Pennsylvania natural gas to make the Commonwealth a global leader in energy production and reducing Pennsylvania’s highest in the nation gas tax.
To view "Less Talk, More Solutions", CLICK HERE.
To view "Gas Prices", CLICK HERE.
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