Dave White Launches Campaign For Governor Of Pennsylvania

Dave White Launches Campaign For Governor Of Pennsylvania
November 6, 2021 
RIDLEY PARK, PA – Surrounded by hundreds of family, friends, and supporters in Ridley Township, blue collar businessman and former Delaware County Councilman Dave White (R-Delaware County) today announced his campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania.
In his remarks, as prepared for delivery, White said:
On Announcing His Candidacy:
“Today, we make history. Today is the day we launch our campaign, TOGETHER, to put this Commonwealth back on the right track… the day when the working men and women, parents, seniors, veterans, teachers, doctors, farmers…. the blue-collar workers and the white collar workers, this is the day we all stand up and demand results.” 
What Will Dave White’s Campaign Be About:
“That means… Less Crime, safer streets.  More Funding for our police.  Fewer kids trapped in failing schools, more choices for our parents and children.  End Critical Race Theory, increased parental involvement in our children’s curriculum.  Lower taxes, better jobs.  Less regulation, more freedom.  Taking an AXE to ACT 77, restoring faith in electoral process.  Smaller government, more accountability.  Lower gas prices, more Pennsylvania energy production.  Protecting LIFE, and those who can’t speak for themselves.  Fewer excuses, but more results… The bottom line is Pennsylvanians need LESS TALK and MORE ACTION.”
Why Dave White:
“If you are looking for a candidate with a fancy resume or with decades of experience in Harrisburg or Washington, degrees from expensive schools, I’m just not the right candidate for you. But if you are looking for a candidate who has real-life experience working to build a company, will take an inclusive, commonsense approach to dealing with the problems our commonwealth is facing, who will make decisions with the best intentions for hardworking Pennsylvanians, and will deliver Less Talk, More Action in Harrisburg.”
Why A Career Politician Is Not The Solution:
“… But we can’t get there by repeating the same mistakes of the past. We need someone who brings a fresh perspective and is not stuck in the “this is the way we have always done it” mentality. 
We can’t fix Pennsylvania by electing those that continue to make those same mistakes, that depend on an elected position for their own living. It is time for NEW leadership, a NEW leader from outside the system, that doesn’t depend on the system for their livelihood…”
Dave White knows our commonwealth's best days lie just ahead of us with the right leadership and a plan that puts Pennsylvanians first. That is why Dave is seeking the Republican nomination for governor. Dave has a proven record of leading and success in both the public and private sectors. He knows that by unleashing the power of the private sector, Pennsylvania can lead the nation and become a go-to destination for businesses looking to relocate and families looking for the best place to live, work and raise their families. 
As a third-generation Steamfitter, Dave has more than 40 years of experience in HVAC installation and servicing. After working decades as a Union Pipefitter, in 2005, Dave put his background and knowledge of mechanical systems and founded DWD Mechanical Contractor Inc. 
After starting his own company, Dave helped build it from a small HVAC company into one of the "go-to" HVAC companies in southeastern Pennsylvania and employs over 80 hardworking people in family- sustaining jobs. 
Cutting his teeth as a blue-collar worker, Dave understands that the Republican Party is the party of the working Pennsylvanian. That is why he was a supporter of President Donald J. Trump's America First agenda. President Trump's agenda cemented the Republican Party's position as the party of hardworking Americans. President Trump put American workers first by supporting the development of domestic energy production, renegotiating the unfair NAFTA agreement and successfully working with Congress to pass the USMCA. Dave plans to bring the same pro-business, pro-worker agenda to Pennsylvania to uncork the potential of our commonwealth. 
As Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest populations of veterans in our nation, Dave believes we must show these brave patriots the respect they have earned and provide them with the support they need. That is why Dave is an avid supporter of veterans and was presented with the "Hendrick Award" for outstanding service to the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum. 
As part of his service to support his local community, Dave helps advocate for residents living with special needs. A father to a 33-year-old adult son, Brian, with special needs, he understands the challenges these residents and their families face each day.
White was appointed to Delaware County Council in 2012 to fill the unexpired term of John J. Whelan. In 2013 he was elected to a four-year term as Councilman. He has served his community for over 30 years, both as an elected leader and a volunteer. Before his appointment to County Council, Dave was a Commissioner of Ridley Township and served as Vice President of the commissioners. He also founded the Police and Firefighters Memorial Foundation. 
Dave is a graduate of Cardinal O'Hara High School and also attended Delaware County Vocational Technical School and Penn State University. He was inducted into the Cardinal O'Hara Hall of Fame in recognition for his efforts, generosity, selfless service and pursuit of excellence in the community. 
Dave grew up in a large Catholic family where he had 13 brothers and sisters. Growing up in a large working- class family formed the foundation of Dave's character. The values of hard work, the importance of faith, and traditional family values made him the husband, father, and businessman he is today. As a member of a large family, Dave is strongly pro-life. Additionally, as a lifetime member of the NRA, Dave will always fight to support the 2nd Amendment and our rights to bear arms. 
A lifelong resident of Delaware County, he grew up in Springfield and then moved to Ridley Township 38 years ago with his wife, Debbie. They have four children – Lisa and her husband, Paul Getz, Matthew and his wife Dana, Brian, and Kellianne. Dave and Debbie are the proud grandparents of three grandchildren.
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