Dave's Plans

Defending Pennsylvania’s Values


As one of 14 children, Dave learned all he needed to know about being Pro-Life from his parents. 

As Governor, Dave looks forward to working to protect the sanctity of life. Dave will dedicate his administration’s work on pro-life causes to his son Brian, who as a special needs son reinforced Dave’s belief in the sanctity of every life.

Dave has the highest possible ranking from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.


“Our son, Brian, made Debbie and me better parents and better people. He made his brother and sisters better people as well. He’s a daily reminder that every life is a gift from God.” -Dave White


2nd Amendment Rights

Dave is a strong believer in our Second Amendment Rights. He will fight to ensure that they are protected from far-left politicians at the state and local levels and will veto any bill that attempts to undermine gun rights.

Instead of trying to restrict the rights of law-abiding Pennsylvanians, we should be focused on fighting the crime wave currently taking hold in our cities. Dave will ensure that socialist District Attorneys are held accountable if they don’t use our laws to put away criminals.

Dave is a Life Member of the NRA.


“Our State Constitution states that the ‘right to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.’ After years of Tom Wolf and Josh Shapiro’s attacks on our right to bear arms it’s time for a governor who respects and supports the 2nd Amendment.’ -Dave White


Women’s Sports

We have made great strides over the past several decades in promoting women’s and girls’ sports so that female athletes are not shut out from the great opportunities that athletic programs provide. But that progress is being undermined by the trend of allowing biological men to compete as women. That stops under a Dave White Administration.

Dave will sign legislation ensuring that in sports that are divided into men’s and women’s divisions, athletes will compete according to their biological sex, not their “gender identity.” This will ensure competitive fairness and protect women’s and girl’s sports.

Rebuilding Pennsylvania’s Economy

20 years ago, Dave and his Wife Debbie put everything they had on the line to start DWD Mechanical Contractor. Dave built that into a successful business that employs over 85 people. Dave understands what state government needs to do to create the conditions so small business can thrive and hire more workers.

At the beginning of 2020, Governor Wolf unilaterally shut down Dave’s business and tens of thousands of others, putting everything they worked for at risk. Too many of those businesses never came back from that shutdown. Under a Dave White Administration, state government would never resort to closing businesses and putting thousands of workers on unemployment rolls.

Dave believes that it’s time to put Pennsylvanians back to work.

Vocational Training

Dave will expand Vocational training opportunities for Pennsylvanians. Businesses across the Commonwealth are struggling to hire qualified workers for the jobs they have available. As a blue collar worker Dave spent the first part of his career earning a great living in the trades. He believes we need to make that opportunity available to more of our residents.

Currently just 3% of Pennsylvania high school students are enrolled in vocational training programs. Dave believes that we should strive to increase that number to 30% over the next decade so that the next generation is prepared for today’s workforce.

Reducing Regulation

As Governor, Dave will implement a review of every regulation in Pennsylvania and create certainty in the permitting process. As a Township Commissioner, Dave chaired the Building Committee in Ridley Township. Under State law, he had 90 days to review plans submitted to him after which they were deemed approved. If that’s good enough for local governments, Dave believes that’s good enough for State Government. He will implement a guaranteed permit review time to ensure that business owners aren’t discouraged from starting or growing their companies here in Pennsylvania.

Each department will have an office of regulatory review reporting to the secretary for the purposes of reviewing and reducing the regulatory burden on Pennsylvanians.


“I’m a big fan of what President Trump did, if you want to create a new regulation you have to get rid of 2 others.”           -Dave White


Unleashing Pennsylvania’s Energy

Dave believes that Pennsylvania can be the energy capital of the world. We have more energy resources here in Pennsylvania than anywhere other than Saudi Arabia. Access to that energy can be a key factor in attracting new businesses to Pennsylvania.

Under a Dave White Administration, we will use our resources to strengthen our state’s economy, employ our people and help America regain energy independence.

Dave believes pipelines are the safest way to transport many of our natural resources and will work to utilize existing highway right of ways to move our natural gas and help fund infrastructure investments in Pennsylvania.

Dave will remove Pennsylvania from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and ensure that we don’t outsource our state’s economy to New York and New Jersey. Ending RGGI will save thousands of jobs and secure our economic future.


Pennsylvania has one of the nation’s highest gas taxes and yet some of the worst roads. Harrisburg budgeting games by career politicians have funneled billions of dollars intended for our roads and bridges to help balance the budget.

When Dave White is Governor, the games come to an end. He will ensure that every dollar intended for our roads and bridges goes toward them. He will rebuild PennDOT to make it more efficient in order to recommit funding to our infrastructure projects.

He will use our transportation right of ways to transport our natural resources across the state to allow employers to tap into these resources and bring their utility costs down and raise billions of dollars in new revenue to be put towards our crumbling infrastructure and reduce the gas tax burden on Pennsylvania families.


Empowering Parents in their Children’s Education

Over the last two years because of virtual learning, Parents have had a front row seat to see what is being taught to our children in schools. It has led to an increased desire from parents to be more involved in their children’s education.

Our education system works best when parents are an active part of it.

That’s why as Governor, Dave White will sign curriculum transparency legislation, ban the teaching of the radical Critical Race Theory in schools, and finally give Pennsylvania’s parents the ability to decide what kind of education is best for their child.

After decades of attempts, Dave White will be the governor to sign school choice legislation into law. No longer in Pennsylvania will your zip code determine what school someone must attend. Instead, Pennsylvania will fund students, not systems. Schools will have an incentive to improve, hire the best teachers and become schools parents want to send their students to not just because they have to.

For too long School Choice has been a privilege of the wealthy and those lucky enough to win scholarships or lotteries. Our children’s educational opportunities shouldn’t be determined by lottery. After Dave White signs comprehensive School Choice into law, it will become a right for all of Pennsylvanians.

Dave will also work to expand vocational education in Pennsylvania. Higher education is an important part of life for many Pennsylvanians but it’s not for everyone. Currently, only 3% of students attend vocational education. By expanding on this number, we can provide opportunity for many students for whom college is not the right choice. These students can take advantage of the same opportunity that allowed Dave White to live the American dream as a pipefitter and business owner.


“I’m the product of School Choice. Vocational education helped me live the American dream. As Governor I’ll make sure each Pennsylvania Child has the same opportunities that I had by signing school choice legislation into law and expanding vocational education for all Pennsylvanian students.” -Dave White


Protecting Our Communities

Too many of Pennsylvania’s communities are being ravaged by crime. There are many causes to this but one clear solution. Strong enforcement of our laws.

This begins by supporting the men and women in blue with the resources and technology they need to keep our communities safe.

Next, Dave will work with the legislature to provide for the appointment of a special prosecutor to prosecute violent crimes in hard hit communities. If a radical District Attorney refuses to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth it doesn’t just affect the community that elected that DA it affects neighboring communities as crime spreads and the loved ones of victims across all of Pennsylvania.

Dave will outlaw the use of injection sites in Pennsylvania and ensure that those who peddle drugs in our communities are taken off the streets.

Finally, Dave will work ensure that Pennsylvania is not a magnet for illegal immigration. Dave will reject the Biden administration’s ghost flights of illegal immigrants into Pennsylvania, he will sign legislation to ensure only legal residents receive state benefits, mandate the use of E-Verify by employers, and defund sanctuary cities.


“Philadelphia Mayor Kenney did a dance when he won a court case to declare Philadelphia a Sanctuary City. Wait until you see the dance he does when I take away his funding if he remains a Sanctuary City.” -Dave White


Election Integrity

When it comes to elections, Dave believes that it should be easy to vote but hard to cheat.

Act 77, which brought no-excuse mail in ballots to Pennsylvania, has been a disaster. Dave believes we need to return to the law before 2020.

Dave will end no-excuse mail in ballots in Pennsylvania and institute signature verification for absentee ballots, he will ban the use of drop boxes and he will work to implement voter ID to restore the people’s trust in our elections.

Dave supports the creation of an independent elections audit of all elections by the Auditor General.


“In 2019, you may have not liked who was elected but you trusted the result. Because of Act 77 we’ve lost that confidence and we need to get it back by repealing Act 77 and instituting Voter ID” -Dave White


Restoring Freedom

Career politicians like Josh Shapiro used the pandemic to increase the power and control of Government over our lives. It’s time to hit the reset button.

Dave White will end all mandates and put the power in the people’s hands.

Dave will control the growth of State Government to ensure that taxes do not need to be raised and regulations are reduced.

Dave will institute reforms to ensure that State Government is transparent and responsive to the people. No decisions should be made without public input.

Dave will never use state government to shut down businesses and will empower parents to decide the best way to protect their children.


“Governor Wolf and Josh Shapiro have attacked freedoms in Pennsylvania. As Governor, I’ll restore them and protect them for the future. Pennsylvania is the birthplace of freedom, it’s time we acted like it.” -Dave White